Insurance FAQs : Insurance and Windshield Replacement

Understanding exactly what your auto insurance covers and doesn’t cover, what has a deductible and what doesn’t can become overwhelming. Clear-Vu Auto Glass can simplify the process by making it easy to understand and handling all insurance communications with you. This way we get you and your vehicle safely back on the road quickly!

The following are some frequently asked questions about insurance claims:

Should I contact my insurance company before I call Clear-Vu Auto Glass?

No, call Clear-Vu Auto Glass first. We are experts at handling auto glass and working with insurance companies. Your Clear-Vu Auto Glass representative will make certain your claim is handled the appropriate way for your insurance company which will save you effort and time.

My insurance company tells me to use a specific company. Do I have the right to go to a different company?

Yes, you will always have the right to choose Clear-Vu Auto Glass for your automotive glass replacement and repair services. No insurance company can legally steer you to any specific auto glass company. It’s your car and your choice. Review our website, check our prices, convenience, BBB records, safety records and AGRSS certification and give us a call at Clear-Vu Auto Glass today.

Will the windshield replacement increase my insurance?

Most auto glass claims are filed as “no-fault” claims. A no-fault claim will not typically raise your insurance premiums. Clear-Vu Auto Glass will gladly help you with you insurance claim. Provide us with your insurance provider information and policy number and Clear-Vu Auto Glass will handle the rest of the insurance claim for you.

What if I have only liability coverage?

Auto glass claims are covered under comprehensive insurance policies. If you do not have a comprehensive insurance policy Clear-Vu Auto Glass offers competitive credit cash prices. Call us today, don’t miss the safety of yourself and your passengers.

Do all insurance companies waive the deductible if my windshield is repaired rather than replaced?

Most insurance companies cover one hundred percent of windshield repair. A few, such as Farmer’s, will waive deductibles for rock chip repair (but not for full windshield replacement). Clear-Vu Auto Glass will ensure that you get your windshield repaired regardless of your deductible with a competitive cash price for both mobile and in-shop services.

Does an auto glass claim count as a loss on insurance policies?

Most insurance companies do not count auto glass damage as a claim. If you’re unclear, contact your agent and confirm the specifics about your coverage.

What is “Comprehensive Insurance Deductible”?

Insurance policies typically have a deductible. The higher your deductible the more you’re expected to pay in the event of a claim. Call Clear-Vu Auto Glass today and we will review your insurance policy and determine how much it requires you to pay out-of-pocket.