Auto Glass Basics

There are two fundamental types of auto glass, tempered safety glass and laminated safety glass. Because your safety is important to us, Clear-Vu Auto Glass only uses OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) and DOT (Department of Transportation) approved replacement glass.

  • Tempered Safety Glass: Tempered glass starts as a single pane of glass which is “tempered” to making it stronger. The tempering process occurs when glass is heated to a very high temperature and then rapidly cooled. This results in a very strong glass that when broken crumbles in very small bits of glass.
  • Laminated Safety Glass: Consists of two pieces of glass with a plastic layer sandwiched between them designed to meet the federal standard of .030 inch of PVB laminated between the layers of glass.

In addition to the types of glass, coatings and monograms are added.

  • Coatings: Laminated glass and tempered glass are often coated with a special automotive film. This film can provide privacy, mirroring, or UV protection. UV coatings are designed to reduce the vehicles need for air-conditioning and in some cases can improve fuel economy.
  • Monograms: Typically found in the lower right-hand corner, most auto glass has a monogram or “bug” imprinted on it. This monogram contains critical information about the specifics of the glass. This monogram includes information such as the manufacturer, the glass type, where it was manufactured in the month and year of manufacture, the model number and the DOT certification number as well as a glass code. By looking at this monogram we will know if your previous repair shop used DOT approved parts and if those parts came from a wrecking yard or an auto glass manufacturer.

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Auto Glass Safety

Your windshield is a safety device, and like other automotive safety devices including breaks, airbags, and seat belts, your auto glass needs to be maintained by experts. In addition to protecting you from elements like uncomfortable temperatures, wind, rain, and debris; your car’s windshield is an integral part of the integrity of the car itself.

Your windshield has three crucial life-saving features.

  • The windshield acts as a backboard for the deployment of the cars airbags.
  • If your windshield breaks or pops out, your airbags will not properly inflate resulting in injuries that could have been avoided.
  • The windshield keeps people inside the vehicle during an accident.
  • In some accidents, the impact can throw passengers from the vehicle. The windshield is an additional safety feature (beyond seatblets) to keep people from being ejected from the vehicle.
  • The windshield prevents the roof of the car from caving in if you are in a rollover.

The windshield of your car provides 60% of the strength of the roof of the car in the event of a rollover accident. If the windshield fails, the likelihood of the roof caving in is much greater, which can result in significant injury to the occupants of the car.

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Some important safety measures that will assist in maintaining your vehicle’s glass structure and integrity include:

Some windshield damage may be difficult to detect so it is important to check your windshield regularly. Following these simple steps to inspect your auto glass, or seeking assistance from a Clear-Vu Auto Glass certified technician, will make certain your windshield continues to protect you and your family.

  • After washing your windows, checking each window inside and out for chips and cracks. Minor chips and small cracks are generally repairable provided they are not within the drivers line of sight.
  • Check the edge of each window glass for damage to both the glass and the surrounding bodywork. You’re looking for anything that might affect the seal of your glass to the body. All damage that weakens the integrity of your body structure should be repaired immediately.
  • Check your windshield wipers, verifying that they are soft and pliable. Brittle, hard or broken windshield wiper blades will allow the metal wiper to scratch the glass.

Everyone likes a bargain. When it comes to auto glass, quality is the only bargain. And when repairing or replacing your auto glass, the following are far more important than just price:

  • Certified professional technician
  • Guaranteed proper installation
  • OEM quality product
  • The service company you choose handles your insurance claim

Clear-Vu Auto Glass operates a full-service, certified auto glass repair and replacement business for the West Texas area.

How Auto Glass Breaks

All auto glass damage requires attention to prevent more damage. It is important to know why your auto glass is broken or cracked. By knowing “why” Clear-Vu Glass technicians will be able to maintain your vehicle’s integrity as well as safety.

The two normal causes of glass breakage are:

The most common type of breakage comes from impacts to the glass from flying objects like rocks when your car is moving, or dings which generally occur when your car is stationary. Either of these can result in sufficient force striking your auto glass to cause failure, which means your glass will sustain a break, crack or shatter. This is what happens when auto glass loses its strength. Even though is often possible to see through your auto glass; the break, crack or chip creates a weak point which decreases the integrity of your vehicle increasing the likelihood of compromise of your safety/protection systems.

Stress cracks or fractures occur when auto glass twists or experiences torque. This typically occurs when the body or frame moves sufficiently to cause your auto glass to fail. This can occur when your windshield was improperly mounted or the vehicle sustains sufficient impact to cause pressure on the glass.

Knowing how your glass was broken will allow Clear-Vu technicians to properly diagnose and perform the correct replacement option for your vehicle. Types of breaks include:

  • Bullseye Break: The bullseye break appears to be a small hole surrounded by a dark colored circle and it is usually a good candidate for windshield repair. Following the repair the only remaining item seen is this initial impact.
  • Half-Moon Break Or Partial Bullseye Break: Differs from the bullseye break because it is only half a circle. The Half-Moon Break is more difficult to repair because the impact occurred at a steep angle. Fortunately, it is a candidate for repair. Once it is repaired the point of initial contact is the only remaining visible portion.
  • Star Break: This break looks like a star with two or more cracks radiating from the original point of impact. After repair, the star break may be slightly visible particularly the radial cracks.
  • Combination Break: Is a single break with radial and bullseye features. This is the most difficult type of auto glass break to repair and it is still often visible after it has been repaired.
  • Crack: A crack is a line in a layer (usually the top) of laminated glass. Crack repair results vary by the type shape and length of the crack. Even though cracks may appear nearly invisible after repair only small cracks are candidates for repaired. Most cracks require windshield replacement.


Tempered Auto Glass
Most vehicles use tempered glass in all window and glass applications with the exception of the windshield. Tempered glass tends to break into very small cubes which is called “dicing” or “crazing” and tends to prevent serious injuries.

Laminated Auto Glass
Most cars and light trucks use laminated glass. To laminate glass two pieces are pressured together with a plastic sheet known as PVB between them. This provides a system of integrity which prevents broken windshield glass from entering the passenger compartment. Flying objects are also prevented from penetrating your vehicle by your windshields laminated glass.
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